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The best MP4 player will ensure that you get what you are looking for, and more. To help you edit your videos, you need to look for ones that meet your needs. You need to look for ones that can play different file formats seamlessly. And you need one that makes video editing simpler too. Here in this article, I will be briefing you about ten best free MP4 players out there with their respective details so you may choose the most suitable one for you depending upon your preferences.

If you have a computer, you need one. Plus, you have a VLC media player for your smartphone as well. The most common media player is used by millions of people and offers a simple yet very powerful built design. The VLC Player can play a wide range of codecs without needing any codec packages and supports every type of format. It is also a popular MP4 Media Player due to its wide range of usabilities. It has some extinguishing features like downloading videos from the internet, keeping your videos private with a PIN, watching them on a TV or any other device interchangeably.

It can also be used to share videos with others. Available on both Windows and Mac platforms. This comes as the default pre-installed native video player on MAC and has a very friendly user interface. Also, it can be thought of as fairly reliable in quality and has a very good reputation. It can be used to edit and convert video files in addition to watching them too. Also, it has more or less 24 channels for audio, but unfortunately, it is only available for Mac users.

This is an award-winning MP4 video player.

The Best MP4 Players on the Internet

A fairly lightweight yet compelling media player and comes with quite powerful features. It supports a very vast range of supported video and audio formats and also has a fairly large range of keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it takes up minor space on your disk but runs much faster and fluent than the others. MPlayer can be installed on both Windows and Mac platforms. This is a great third party alternative as an MP4 media player. Doesn't black out other displays when doing full screen.

Free Mac Media Player - Best Media Player for AVI/MKV/MP4/MOV/DVD on Mac

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4 Best Free Video & Music Player Apps for Mac: 2019

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    Part 1: List of 12222 Best MP4 Player for Mac

    Ray's Experience. Needs no additional codecs. Open source. Best video quality. Recommend 19 4. My Rec ommendation for VLC. My Recommendation for VLC. All Plays back almost everything. Not really meant to be a music player.

    MP4 Players for Windows and Mac: The Paid Versions

    Fast and light software. Not so great for audio files. No payment is required. Some insignificant, but irritating flaws. Great ability to play content over the network. Has problems with video formats used on iTunes. Vast amount of keyboard shortcuts. Tons of advanced settings. Simple to setup and use. Can be almost completely keyboard-driven. Chromecast support. Free, open source, and cross-platform.

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