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Out of all the 3D rendering softwares out there, it might be the easiest to learn.

The user interface is simple; for anyone with a graphics background in Photoshop and After Effects, Cinema 4D should be a fairly easy transition. With its inclusion into After Effects, this 3D software is a must-have for any artist working with motion graphics software.

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Maya is a fully functional 3D application used to develop 3D assets for film, television, and video games. Its ability to process high-end 3D renders and animation is what made it a wide success. Much like Maya, Blender has a pretty steep learning curve.

Did we miss any motion graphics software that you use in your workflow? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

VIDEO COPILOT Motion Design Pack 2 for Element 3D | Download Pirate

From there you can manipulate them in a powerful particle animation system. BackLight features 50 8K Environment maps that you can use to light your scene and create stunning reflections inside of Element 3D V2!

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Pro Shaders 2 has over tiled materials that are ready to use in Element 3D and your other favorite 3D applications. They include concrete, metal, plastic, fabric, and more. Create amazing surfaces!

VIDEO COPILOT Motion Design Pack 2 for Element 3D

Although Element can cope with high-poly models, very heavily fractured objects are slow to load into the Element workspace. The plug-in also has the ability to animate between one group of objects and another. This operates on a fairly basic level and is more of a crossfade than a morph, so is only used to animate between position, scale and rotation states, where each group is comprised of the same object type and amount.

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However, it does dissolve between shaders, so you can smoothly transition from a ring of red particles to a grid of blue ones. It operates on multi-objects too, so you can create some pretty funky effects as objects seem to shatter or coalesce from one form to another.

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And even though the OpenGL output is quick to work with, if you crank up the levels of anti-aliasing, with high-quality motion blur and depth of field, render times can escalate and manipulation slows down. A quick-toggle low-res preview or bounding box mode would be a welcome addition.

Motion Design Bundle

The plug-in comes with a range of primitives and a few bundled objects to play with, but creating your own is easy, and can be done with any app that exports OBJ files. However, despite being a decades-old standard, a lot of the objects appeared with randomly flipped polys, which is impossible to rectify within Element. Although it takes something of a back seat, this functionality is brilliantly implemented and makes it ludicrously easy to generate great-looking logos and abstract objects with just a few clicks.