Mac os x lion theme for windows xp download

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Transformação completa do seu Windows XP em OS X Lion

When i right click on it,It do not have the "Install" button. Please i really want this cursor. Does dis disapear on winda 7??? I think downloading this on Windows 7 would look a bit better since they have similar styles. Who agrees? When someone downloads this on a mac Great theme on Windows, thanks.

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Although Windows has dominated the operating system market for many years already, there is still quite a number of people that prefers Mac over Windows because of advantages such as stability, lack of virus, secure because it is built from Unix and of course the Mac itself looks beautiful. The operating system known as OS X has always looked awesome too and when Windows Vista was released, you would have heard numerous times that a lot of the newer Windows interface is copied from Mac OS X.

Unfortunately you cannot just download and install Mac OS X on a non-Apple PC unless you are willing to use some of the hacks that can be found on the Internet. One of the best and easiest way to have a feel of the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion on a non-apple computer is to simply install a theme. This way you can still be familiar with the computer usage as it is still Windows except the interface resembles Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

OS X Mountain Lion Theme / Transformation Pack For Windows 7 & Windows 8: Download Now

Instead of just changing the Windows color, sound, screen saver and wallpaper like what most of other themes do, this skin pack comes with 3rd party utilities to emulate the unique features found only in Mac OS X. Windows XP Active Desktop only. BootSkin 1. Stardock BootSkin is a program that allows users to change their Windows boot screens. SP3 UxTheme Patcher 1.

The SP3 UxTheme application was designed to be a little tool that will help the user create his own unsigned themes ready to use on the new Service Pack 3 install. Vize 2. It replaces most of the non-Vista icons, animations and bitmaps that Microsoft is still overlooking. Revolutions Pack RP 7 [ 4. Photo Stacker 2. Want an easy way to take random pictures and generate a unique desktop wallpaper?

PhotoStacker can do this for you. DeskSlide 2.

How To Get Mac OS X Lion Theme On Windows 7, Xp, Vista

DeskSlide is a utility for automating the wallpaper change on your desktop. Widget Engine 4. The Yahoo!

Make Windows 7 look like Lion

Widget Engine formerly known as Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine that lets you run little files called Widgets. BGEye 3. Vital Desktop 1. Vital Desktop is a desktop animation utility, a program designed to bring a fresh new look to your desktop.

FlyakiteOSX 3. FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack. DeskoverX 1. DeskoverX is a program to replace the static desktop wallpaper with several useful or interestingly animated backgrounds. Desktop Sidebar 1. You can have it all and more at your fingertips with Desktop Sidebar! Wallpaper Wrangler 1. Wallpaper Wrangler is a general purpose graphics viewer and manipulator with a bias towards wallpaper handling.

Through the use of simple yet powerful scripts, you can bring your desktop to life with widgets that do just about anything you can imagine.

Lion Transformation Pack 1.0

GTRipple 1. GT Ripple ripples your desktop wallpaper making water pictures come alive. You can even put a lake into a picture that has no water by using the mirror option! EzyWin 4. Built into EzyWin are managers - managers that target a specific area of your computer you can customise. Dremples 1. Drempels makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado. XPME 1.

XPME can give prior operating systems a minor facelift that lets them use XP-style buttons and other controls. CursorXP 1. Animated Desktop 1. Animated Desktop is a unique program that allows you to put animated themes onto your Windows desktop. BootXP 2. BootXP is an easy to use startup logo changer designed for Windows and XP that uses bitmap files or kernel files as sources.

ZMatrix is an animated desktop background which displays streaming characters in a style similar to what was used in the movie 'The Matrix'. Com wallpaper by Wenchie 1.

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

Paper 2. Paper is a unique program that allows you to put animated themes, based on Flash animations, Java applets, Active X components and HTML pages onto your Windows desktop. Win Vista 1. Manage images or video as your wallpaper. Now plays video wallpaper, uses Mpeg and AVI, renders the video as your wallpaper and more. Com Wallpaper by iCeMaN 1.

WinWall 2.