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An easy-to-use page layout and desktop publishing software on Mac OS X, perfect for designing anything you want to layout and print. Perfect app to enhance your photos with unique lighting effects and stack effects for unlimited possibilities. All Rights Reserved. Online Logo Design.

Greeting Box for Mac Making personalized cards is so easy with this powerful greeting card maker, which turns ordinary photos into distinctive photo cards for any occasion and holiday. See how it works. Overview Samples Tutorial Review. Version: 2. To make your greeting card more colorful, this Mac greeting card maker will be your best partner. PNG ,. If you have a printer, directly print it out. In addition, this Greeting Card Maker for Mac supplies a share function, only one click then you'll share the cool greeting card with friends via Email, or on Flickr and Facebook.

It's extremely easy to make a greeting card on Mac OS X include Hurry up and have a try by yourself!

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Photo Collage Maker. Mac Video Converter. Key Features Specification User Guide. Make a special greeting card on Mac Various collage style to choose First, choose a theme Festival or Event. Including Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's; Birthday, graduation, children, mother,others Create personalized card using your photos Second, simply import or fill your photo, drag, shuffle, random and drop them as you wish.

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Make own collage for desktop wallpapers, posters, scrapbooks, etc Third, export your own greeting card for desktop wallpapers, poster, scrapbooks, invitations, photo album for any occasion, like Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, etc. With Mail Designer , you can enjoy endless creative freedom, an array of design resources, plus support for mobile-responsive designs, countless sending options and compatibility with leading email service providers.

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Learn more: Visit the Mail Designer website to try out the app for free. What is an Activation Code, what do I need it for and where can I find it? How can I activate using an Activation Code? Why do my stationery templates not show up in Apple Mail?

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Are emails sent with a Stationery Template displayed in clients other than Apple Mail? Where can I download Stationery Pack? How can I install and activate Stationery Pack? How can I install a template in Apple Mail? Where can I find my Birthday Cards in Mail?

Why aren't the image dropzones shown? How do I install additional Stationery Packs? How can I resize my company logo or photos to fit properly in my emails? How can Outlook users view my Stationery email? How can I install my Stationery Packs on my Mac? Where can I see the animation for the templates of Holiday Motion Cards? How can I make sure everyone can read my stationery message? Can I still use my Stationery Packs? Why can't I change the equinux ID?

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How can I try the Stationery Pack templates? What can I do?

I have already bought and installed Stationery Pack, but it says that I have to buy it again? Can I attach PDFs or other files to my emails? Stationery Pack emails appear to be in Latin? Can I take a look at the different templates of each pack before buying?

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How to use your own photos in Stationery Pack? No categories in Mail any more. How can I get cards for New Year's ? Can I use my own signature with Business Edition stationery? I'm given a 'Server Certificate error' during Activation? I've lost my equinux ID or my password!

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My password is being rejected in the application, but it works on your website? I want to transfer my license to another person. How can I do that? How do I get my activation code?

How can I enable Cookies on my System? Your browser currently doesn't support JavaScript! Please activate Javascript in the settings of the browser. Please select your product Most wanted. The VPN seems connected but I can't connect to my server or transfer data.

What is wrong? What is the Pre-Shared key and how do I get it?